Telescopi al castell de Lladurs
Telescopes of the astronomical center

The Lladurs Castle Astronomical Center has been promoted by the Lladurs Town Council (LLeida) in a medieval castle owned by the municipality. The City Council’s intention is to revalue it and give it the importance it has had throughout 1000 years of history. Among the activities it hosts is a fully integrated astronomical center that will allow all visitors to get closer to astronomy and enjoy stargazing from a point with very good conditions of night darkness. These types of activities are highly valued and constitute an experience that visitors who enjoy them will hardly be able to erase from their memory.

The center has two telescopes. The first is a powerful astronomical telescope to observe the moon, planets, galaxies and nebulae. The second is a specific telescope for the safe observation of the Sun and allows to observe sunspots, solar protobarences and coronal mass ejections when they occur.

The Astronomical Center is managed by Astrosolsonès (astrosolsones.com) and programs activities related to astronomy and astrophotography. The main activity is the Star Night at Lladurs Castle and consists of a short introduction to astronomy in the multimedia room, the recognition of stars, planets and constellations with the help of a powerful laser and an astronomical observation with a telescope in the castle tower. The purchase of tickets is essential. But you can also arrange an exclusive session, for groups or in English. For more information consult the following link:

A daytime activity is also scheduled, Sun Observation at Lladurs Castle. And it consists of observing the Sun with totally safe approved filters to see sunspots and solar flares. At the beginning of the activity there is an explanation of our star and what we will see in the telescope.

For more information you can send an e-mail to info@astrosolsones.com

Likewise, activities open to the public will be organized periodically in collaboration with the Lladurs Town Council, such as courses, astronomical observations and collaborations with the Lladurs school.

The objectives of the Astronomical Center are to spread astronomy in a fun way by enjoying the spectacle of a starry night. It also wants to become a reference center for educational activities related to astronomy for the educational centers of Solsonès. And finally, it wants to highlight the dark sky while making visitors aware of the serious problem of light pollution.

We offer you the first astronomical photographs taken from the facilities of the Lladurs Castle Astronomical Center:

LLuna creixent
Crescent Moon
Nebulosa planetària
Ring Nebula in the constelation Lyra
Imatge del sol on es veu taques solars i protuberàncies
Our Sun with a Hidrogen Alfa filter