Astronomy in Solsonès

Star night in  the Lladurs castle

Observation of stars, constellations, planets and the moon. Fun activities to learn and enjoy astronomy and stargazing with telescope from the Lladurs castle. Enjoy a night of stars.

  • Would you like to enjoy the spectacle of stars?
  • Would you like to know the constellations and learn to get your bearings at night?
  • Have you ever seen the Moon, Saturn’s rings, or a nebula with a telescope?

Centre Astronòmic del castell de Lladurs

We will begin at the auditorium and later we will go to the tower, to admire the sky full of stars, recognize the constelation and the planets and to observe through a powerfull telescope.

If you like outdoor activities and enjoy the spectacle that nature gives us in a dark and relaxed environment you will enjoy this activity. You will live the magic of the night learning the basics of astronomy and observing with a telescope.

Start of the activity: about an hour after the sunset. Between 18:00 and 22:15 hours.

Duration of activity:hours 

Price: 17 € adults,  15 € senior and youth between 12 to 15 years, 8 € children between 3 and 11 years, Free for under 3 years.  Ask for prices for exclusive sessions, groups and english sessions.

Imatge del sol on es veu taques solars i protuberàncies

Some sundays at 11:00 you can see the Sun as you have never seen before, with two telescopes and homologated and safe filters you could see the sunspots and the solar flares.

How to access to the castle: download these instructions to reach easily in this link, don’t trust in Google Maps, it will not give you good indications.

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Star night to be arranged at rural tourism houses or other locations

Fun activity to learn and enjoy astronomy and stars with a telescope from Solsonès or neighboring counties.

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Website about astrophotography: Fotografiando la noche